2017-03-14 meeting notes

Recap from the March 14, 2017 ProjectARCC conference call. Future meetings dates can be found here.

  • Introduction to ProjectARCC and welcome to phone call – Eira Tansey
  • Discussion concerning organizing contacts for Project mARCCh
    • ProjectARCC is preparing for the 4/22 March for Science and the 4/29 People’s Climate March, and organizing to ensure LAM (Libraries, Archives, Museums) representation at both marches. We’re calling this Project mARCCh in recognition that as professionals charged with the preservation of cultural heritage, and an abiding commitment to information and knowledge access, we stand proudly in solidarity with our sisters and brothers who are at the forefront of information work around climate change, particularly scientists and journalists.
    • Project mARCCh Organizers will be expected to serve as a local point of contact for organizing to increase the visibility and solidarity of LAM professionals at the 4/22 and 4/29 events. If you volunteer as a Project mARCCh organizer, you will be publicly identified on our website as the point of contact for your area. If you plan to remain local, we hope you will recruit other LAM professionals to attend sister city events. If you plan to come to DC, we will do our best to all congregate together.

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