2016-12-13 meeting notes

Recap from the December 13, 2016 ProjectARCC conference call. Future meetings dates can be found here.

  • Introduction to ProjectARCC and welcome to phone call – Eira Tansey
  • Explanation of recent changes made to ProjectARCC and departure from the original committee structure  – Casey Davis
  • Things to keep an eye on with the next administration – Eira Tansey
    • EPA and Monitoring/Regulatory/Research Agencies
    • Continuing access to federal climate research data (see this story)
    • Open Government/Transparency Initiatives
  • Projects of interest to ARCChivists
    • Ben from Penn State discussed his Fracking Documentation Project. You can access collection here and if anyone want to help archive pipeline-related activism, check this out
    • Michelle from University of Toronto shared updates from the Guerrilla Archiving effort
    • Bethany and Laurie from Penn shared updates from #DataRefuge
  • Areas for collaboration
    • Allana would like to write about archives divesting/investing in climate-friendly activities (e.g. vendors, technology, banking). If you want to work with her, get in touch

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