August 11, 2015


Casey Davis
Carey MacDonald
Dana Gerber-Margie
Danielle Cordovez
Eira Tansey
Heather Christenson
Leslie McCarthy
Rebecca Fraimow
Rory Litwin
Rose Oliveira
Shannon Struble
Jessica Venlet

8/11/15 Minutes – taken by Jessica. Going with Carey’s lead – green = general action item

    1. Talked about any climate change related articles, books or projects read/heard about recently. Also touched on the climate change syllabus. Following list is recap:
      1. (Carey) Shannon S. paper currently on syllabus – in a book of essays, but Shannon has PDF that she can provide
      2. (Heather) – Rolling Stone article.
      3. (Eira?) Esquire article
      4. Podcast from the Guardian – about divestment campaign
      5. Podcast on climate change
      6. (Leslie) – oral history recordings from studies on sea ice in Alaska — being made available now via (digitization?) project
        1. Leslie might do blog post for us about her work and experience in Alaska
      7. (Casey) – exhibit at WGBH – digitized public media station content. one of three exhibits will be on climate change
      8. (Jessica) Who is the audience for the syllabus exactly? how are we sharing it?
        1. generally for use by group members and other archivists. Some of the current preserve resources might need to be pulled for a different document (PDA stuff) written for activists (by preserve committee)
        2. the syllabus will be a blog post and posted as page on the website
      9. try to have the syllabus finished up by end of this week
    2. Discuss: did anyone attend any climate-related events recently?
      1. (Casey) Mass 350 group meeting, she shared info about P-ARCC and they are interested in getting some help with managing records (Preserve action item)
      2. (Casey) Fossil Fuel Free Somerville meet-up  
      3. (Heather) – at University of California (didn’t catch which one!), Heather voiced question about fossil fuel divestment to administration and now a new task force is looking into it!
        1. This lead to discussion of other institutions trying to divest and decision to add info to the syllabus/website about what divestment is and who is doing it
          2. (jessica) MIT (for syllabus:, this debate may have been recorded.. i’ll poke around)
    3. Discuss: did anyone take climate action while on the job since our last meeting?
      1. Either we skipped this… or I failed at notes here! Apologies.
  • SAA 2015

Bookmarks – are ready to go for next week. Casey is printing them

ProjectARCC one-pager

    1. We don’t have this yet, but Casey would like one to be created. Can provide general info on climate change – examples of how collections are already affected – plus info about P-ARCC
    2. No clear if this will be ready before SAA, but Casey is willing to get started on – might have draft by Thursday
    3. if you have ideas for the one-pager send it to Casey asap


    1. Eira made stylin’ template slide deck — which will be stored in Google Drive folder (I believe?)
      1. hope some people will present about P-ARCC at regional conferences

Meetings at SAA 2015

      1. Human Rights Roundtable — Eira
        1. giving a short intro to PARCC using slide deck
      2. Issues & Advocacy Roundtable — Casey
        1. Casey giving short intro to PARCC and possibilities for collaborations with the roundtable
      3. PARCC meeting at SAA 2015 – will be emailing to figure this out for those who can attend.
      4. Pop Up Sessions — one more chance
        1. resubmitting our proposal! sounds like there is live voting for a few sessions during SAA?
      5. Other related sessions — Frances
        1. Rockstar Frances pulled together list of relevant sessions at SAA. List is currently in an email
  • After SAA
    1. Rose will be writing SAA Session write-ups
    2. Next Tweet-up — Protect?
      1. For Protect committee – Eria would prefer an October tweet-up. she is doing an interview in Sept. and could promote the October event.
    3. Possibly collab with SustainRT?
      1. SustainRT interested in reduce and elevate
      2. September – Reduce Tweet-up w/SustainRT  -Carey is taking planning on?

For SAA 2016 – (Casey) One idea for next SAA 2016 would be reducing carbon footprint activities during the week with strategies to use after SAA — if PARCC is presenting, try to tie into a presentation. Reduce could get started on this idea soon…

We didn’t get to the rest of the agenda this time. Might need more time for meetings or more frequent meetings. Casey would like to meet in September – focused on committee work


8/11/15 Agenda:

  1. Intros
  2. Discussion about any climate change related articles or books that attendees have read since our last meeting
  3. Discuss: did anyone attend any climate-related events recently?
  4. Discuss: did anyone take climate action while on the job since our last meeting?
  5. SAA 2015
    1. Content
      2. ProjectARCC one-pager – casey will get started on this – Thursday
      3. ProjectARCC PPT
    2. Meetings
      1. Human Rights Roundtable — Eira
      2. Issues & Advocacy Roundtable — Casey
      3. ProjectARCC meeting — snacks/drinks possibly Thursday (August 20) after the reception. Kathleen Roe has offered her presidential suite for a formal meeting of 10-15 people. Do folks prefer Wednesday night at around 7:30-8pm, or Thursday night (same night as reception though)? Would Thursday sometime in the day work?
      4. Pop Up Sessions — one more chance
      5. Other related sessions — Frances
    3. After SAA
      1. Session write-ups — Rose
      2. Next Tweet-up — Protect? Possibly collab with SustainRT?
      3. Future webinar?
  6. Simmons College Panel Discussion
  7. Committee updates
    1. Protect
    2. Reduce
    3. Elevate
    4. Preserve
  8. Blog and Website update
  9. Other IDEAS:
    1. Carbon incentive project for next year’s SAA
    2. Climate change petition
  10. Discuss: What’s working? What’s not? What can we be doing that we haven’t thought of yet?
  11. SustainRT collab (
  12. Library Juice Press
  13. Climate Change Syllabus:
  14. Upcoming conference CFPs
    1. MAC (Midwest Archives) — September 25 (Conference is April 28-30)
    2. History Above Water — September 15 (Conference is April 10-13) (


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