Committee Quarterly Reports Summer/Fall 2015

Reduce Committee

The Reduce Committee has met three times since it was formed, twice in real time and once asynchronously. In addition to contributing resources to the Climate Change Syllabus, the Reduce Committee was active in planning, preparing, and co-implementing a tweet-up with the Sustainability Round Table of ALA (SustainRT) on sustainability issues in libraries and archives. The event took place on Monday, October 19, 2015 at 1:00-2:00PM, during which members from ProjectARCC and SustainRT posed six unique questions to followers on Twitter about ways to practice sustainability in our institutions, motivate the archival community to affect climate change, and educate the public about climate science. Followers’ comments and answers were responded to and retweeted, and potential answers were offered by both groups. Also, each tweet contained the hashtag, #SustainLIS, of which there is now an archive on Twitter.
Looking forward, the Reduce Committee is considering hosting “office hours” for members of ProjectARCC to synchronously tune into a publicly available webinar (or series of webinars) concerning climate and preservation issues, such as the regional webinars made available by the Image Permanence Institute. The Committee has also considered hosting a live tweet-up during the webinar(s) in which we will pose questions to the group and its followers in order to spur on a conversation. A webinar tweet-up would further educate members of ProjectARCC while simultaneously drawing social media attention to ProjectARCC, our mission, and the issues we aim to affect.

Elevate Committee

The Elevate Committee has launched two initiatives designed to highlight climate change-related issues in archives.  The first is a list of climate change related collections located in repositories around the country.  The second initiative is developing a taxonomy of keywords and subject terms to help researchers locate archival collections related to climate change.

Protect Committee

The Protect committee has examined the landscape of existing archival disaster management to see where we may fit in and make best use of our limited resources. We have examined the COSTEP framework ( in depth and shared other resources during our group meetings. Recently, we have agreed to partner with the Regional Archival Associations Consortium (RAAC) Disaster Planning and Recovery Subcommittee. That subcommittee plans to focus on climate change issues in the next year, so it is a natural alliance.
We have had some changes in our membership roster, as of November 14, 2015, our active members include:
  1. Eira Tansey (Chair)
  2. Dana Gerber-Margie
  3. Rebecca Fraimow
  4. Shannon Struble
  5. Hanni Nabahe
Other activities we have done:
Looking forward, we plan to work on the following activities:
  • Collaboration with the RAAC disaster subcommittee on interviewing archivists who have dealt with disasters and the lessons learned
  • Creating a map of recent disasters that have impacted archives

Preserve Committee

Report to come.

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