We envision this piece of our mission as an opportunity to engage with climate scientists and activists to ensure the long-term preservation of this moment in history.

If you are a climate scientist or activist…

…and you are creating records (research data, your blog, materials from your campaigns, etc.) which are not currently being preserved in an archive, contact us! We’d love to share ideas and recommendations on potential repositories, practices for managing your records until they are submitted to an archive, and generally how to ensure that your materials are preserved for future generations.

If you are an archivist…

…and you are actively collecting materials related to climate change, let us know! We will add your name to a list of organizations to contact when we receive preservation inquiries from scientists and activists. Please also consider getting involved in ProjectARCC!

2 thoughts on “Preserve

  1. will you be collecting both sides of the issue so as to provide future generations with a complete history or just those who are part of the climate alarmist groups?


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